Crazy Christmas 2021


Tell Me About It

These last two years have been Crrrrr-azy !
Yeah - “TELL ME ABOUT IT ! ” 

It's the Crazy Christmas Show 2021 ! So let's forget about Covid when McKee & Co return us to a happier, hippier era - the Swinging Sixties ! Tantalising, turbulent times. They say that if you can remember the Sixties, then you weren’t there ! 

An explosion of sex & rock n' roll, The Beatles & Ban the Bomb, Dylan & dreadlocks, flower power vs political power, cannabis, casinos and Costra Nostra. The Calzone family, one of the most powerful Mafia families, is forces to move with the times. What does an old Don do when he makes an offer that IS refused ? Find out in Vivienne’s signature cocktail of classic Crazy Christmas with a shot of Coppola, Tarantino and Scorsese, shaken and not stirred. 
Forget about pandemics and lockdowns, just hold on to your hats and face-masks and enjoy the roller-coaster ride of this year’s crazy comedy caper, riddled with bullets, toe-tapping tunes, jokes, slapstick, satire and lots of silliness !!   


Playing in Glassalen, Tivoli 

16. NOV 2021 - 15. JAN 2022

Box office opens April 16. th.

Don't miss the Crazy Christmas Show - the only crazy way to enjoy Christmas !

Hey ! Times are tough, aren’t they ? Yeah...

The Crazy Christmas 2020, ”Tell Me About It” was regrettably moved to 2021. Don’t panic! All those who have bought or reserved tickets have been contacted by the CCC Team with further information.

Only one year to go, which means that we can guarantee that the show will be funnier and crazier than ever! We look forward already to seeing your happy smiling faces, without masks, when times are better. You are welcome to join our mailing list to keep up with our news, by clicking here

- and remember what one theatre critic said - “The Crazy Christmas Show is an anti-depressant. Everyone should be able to get it on prescription“

Vivienne McKee and Søren Hall